Preparing an image RE210

Hello! I want try OpenWrt firmware on RE210. On device page specified install method see git-commit and in git-commit specified option installing OpenWrt via web interface.

To prepare an image, you need to take the header
and U-Boot (i.e. 0x200 + 0x20000 bytes) from an OEM firmware file and
attach the factory image to it. Then fix the header MD5Sum1.

Please help me to prepare firmware. I think I need take 0x200 + 0x20000 bytes from original firmware, concat it to factory openwrt firmware and fix MD5Sum. But how to do it? Maybe exists step by step manual.

Thank you.

Hi, you need to take the first 0x20200 = 131584 bytes of an official RE210 firmware bin and append an openwrt factory image.

dd if=re210v1_eu_3_14_2_up_boot\(171206\).bin of=header_and_uboot bs=131584 count=1
cat header_and_uboot openwrt-ramips-mt7620-tplink_re210-v1-squashfs-factory.bin > firmware_with_bad_md5sum1.bin

Then find and build mktplinkfw in the openwrt firmware-tools repo and inspect your frankenstein firmware with it

./mktplinkfw -i firmware_with_bad_md5sum1.bin

the output will show what the md5sum1 is, and what it should be. now open the firmware_with_bad_md5sum1.bin with a hex editor, find the wrong md5sum1 and overwrite those bytes with what the mktplinkfw cli tool told you it should be

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You can use this tool;
Linux/OpenWrt on the TP-Link RE200v1/RE200v2
It can build image for RE210.

Beware of 22.03 stable, wireless performance is very poor.
This is 22.03.1 stable as a dumb ap.