Predicting LAN/Admin port on x86?

I'm wondering if there is any way to predict which ethernet interface OpenWRT will chose for the LAN port on my x86 box.

I have an HP t620 + an Intel 4-port NIC that I'm using with OpnSense right now. I like OpnSense, but my ISP uses PPPoE and the FreeBSD PPPoE implementation bottlenecks my Gigabit connection on this hardware. So, I want to try using OpenWRT instead.

The box is currently ensconced on a packed shelf in a closet and I'd have to pull it out to use the console. In order to minimize downtime I'd like to figure out in advance which port is going to be assigned to the LAN on OpenWRT so I can be ready to access the admin and configure the box quickly after my first boot into OpenWRT.

Which brings me back to my question. Is there any way to predict which interface will be assigned to the LAN on a multi-interface x86 box?

The first enumerated ethernet card should become lan, but the enumeration order itself is hard to predict.