Pre-installed OpenWrt Firmware Upgrade: Support for GL.iNet GL-E750

I have a device that comes with OpenWRT pre-installed. The firmware version is OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f.

There currently is no support for this device on the OpenWRT site, though. I specifically want to upgrade the pre-installed OpenWRT firmware to 19.07.2.

I have found a device on the site, made from the same manufacturer, that comes with the same pre-installed version of OpenWRT (mentioned above). See device here:[]=r7258&s[]=5eb055306f

The GL.iNet GL-USB150 has support for the newer 19.07.2 firmware.

Since my device came pre-installed with the same pre-installed firmware version as the GL.iNet GL-USB150, does that mean that the v19.07.2 firmware for the GL.iNet GL-USB150 device is compatible with my newer device?

I hope my explanation isn't too convoluted. Any input is appreciated. Naturally, I want to try to upgrade my new device's firmware through LuCI using the GL.iNet GL-USB150 firmware, but I'd like to avoid bricking this thing since there is not much support yet.


What model do you have? Generally the model must match exactly or the firmware will not work.


I have the GL-E750. If I try a sysupgrade using the GL-USB150 firmware, will it likely brick my device?

Chances for bricking your device would be approximately 100%.

As @mk24 mentioned, for embedded devices your firmware must match your device exactly, forcing something else onto your device will end in disaster (and hardware wise, GL-USB150 and GL-E750 appear to be quite different, in every regard and especially where it matters most).

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Thanks for the response. I'll avoid the disaster and hope for support in the future.