Pre-compiled updated mwlwifi drivers for stable releases

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I’m using 17.01.2 stable build for WRT3200ACM along with the latest mwlwifi driver. Running very smoothly. Interestingly, I am able to increase the TX power on 2.4gh to 30dbm, and 5ghz to 23dbm. I thought they were supposed to be locked to 20dbm.

@eduperez Now that Stable branch has reached 17.01.3 and with a slightly newer kernel version, would you be willing and able to compile and provide the latest mwlwifi driver for this latest release on your Github? Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

I see that @cybrnook has compiled the latest mwlwifi drivers for the same kernel version that is now on Stable branch, however, I do not know how to move those drivers over to the stock LEDE stable firmware without a typical .ipk package. Some of those technical details are above me at the moment as I am still learning.

@WildByDesign I just verified that LEDE 17.01.3 already incorporates the latest available driver, there is no need to update it.

The commit log would indicate differently.

@anomeome True: I checked the wrong LEDE branch, and LEDE 17.01.3 does not contain the latest mwlwifi driver. I plan to update my router this weekend, and I will publish the updated packages then.

Just experienced the 5ghz radio crap out on me using the latest mwlwifi driver after 22 hours. Thinking of returning the WRT3200ACM to get the Netgear r7800 instead...

Just updated latest available driver for 17.01.3 at:

Thaanks @eduperez

Using username "root".
SSH-2 implementation OpenSSH 7.4
Authenticating with public key "imported-openssh-key"

BusyBox v1.25.1 () built-in shell (ash)

LEDE Reboot 17.01.3
Security is enabled, and your IP address has been logged.
root@AC1900M:~# cd /tmp
root@AC1900M:/tmp# opkg install --force-reinstall kmod-mwlwifi_4.
Removing package kmod-mwlwifi from root...
Installing kmod-mwlwifi (4.4.89+ to root...
Configuring kmod-mwlwifi.
root@AC1900M:/tmp# reboot

Just so I know what to watch out for... What are the symptoms when "the 5ghz radio craps out"? Many thanks.

There isn't a general problem with the WRT3200ACM and mwlwifi. For me, it works perfectly fine, also with the 5 Ghz wifi. Current uptime (with heavy wifi usage): 53 days!

So, if you want help with your wifi "crapping out", you have to provide a few more details (perhaps in a different thread, since this one is about the pre-compile mwlwifi drivers).

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New release available at: :

  • Upgrade 88W8964 firmware to

Im wondering if it is best to install sysupgrade stock of LEDE 17.01.3 (WRT1900ACS) before installing the latest pre-compiled mwlwifi driver? Knowing that the stock driver is outofdated. Coming from Cybernook’s discontinued build. Cheers

@Crypt0 My pre-compiled drivers only work with the latest LEDE version available when I make each build. Most recent version is, and must only be installed on top of LEDE 17.01.3.

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As 17.01.4 seems to be in the making soon, I wonder if the updated firmware blob included in the mwlwifi driver should be pushed into that release. @stintel is likely managing the release, so he should be made aware of the firmware update in

@anomeome updated the mwlwifi driver package in LEDE master two months ago to 2017-08-10 with , but the driver included in 17.01 branch is still the much older 2107-06-06

I have not tested the latest updated mwlwifi driver firmware myself, so I am hesitant to create a Pull Request myself.

Since I'm unable to test the mwlwifi update due to lack of hardware, and the fact that the driver in 17.01 hasn't been updated before, I'm hesitant about accepting this change. unless Acked by some developers.

Version of the driver works very well for me on a WRT3200ACM, both for stable and master. Much better than previous versions.

Have not tested firmware myself yet but user reports on Github suggest it improves throughput and stability a bit. I haven't seen any negative reports for this firmware version yet.

At least the updated driver should be included since it allows for proper VAP configuration with mutliple SSIDs and signal reporting. Because of some foobar you are limited to 2 SSIDs per radio on some older versions. Adding a third one will make you unable to connect to the radio.

Also updating the firmware would be a bonus.

I am not a developer and therefore my input does not have much behind it. However, I have been using the latest kernel driver provided by @eduperez for several weeks now and also now the latest firmware also for approximately two weeks or more. mwlwifi from 17.01.3 is not very stable in comparison to the latest driver and firmware provided in this thread. The difference is night and day. I also make use of multiple SSID's.

I understand that BrainSlayer of DD-WRT has also been heavily testing (and following development) of mwlwifi driver and firmware also with positive results on their side as well.

Many of us would absolutely love to see the latest mwlwifi driver and firmware in stable branch 17.01.4 release.

Cheers! Thank you all for your time. And thank you @eduperez for continuing to support stable branch with your packages.

I created a pull request to get 2017-08-10 driver officially backported to 17.01

If you have been already using 2017-08-10 version with 17.01, please write your comment to the PR to get positive evidence from users for @stintel

I have updated the package for the latest version of the mwlwifi driver to LEDE 17.01.4 at

Due to the implications of the KRACK issue, and the urgency of upgrading to the recently announced 17.01.4 version, I am releasing this package even before having upgraded my own device. Please, remember this package has not been tested at all by me, as I still could not even install it; thanks.