Pre-compiled updated mwlwifi drivers for stable releases

Good morning guys!!!! Was anyone being able to compile the drivers for WRT3200 the recent 21.02.3???

This doesn't seem useful anymore, it comes with the latest drivers. Same with 22.03.0-rc1. Also mwlwifi development has been abandoned for 2 years now.


Does it mean it is safe to update to 22.03?
Have anyone tested how it works? Both 5ghz and 2.4ghz.

What do you mean safe? Again, there are NO changes to wifi for mvebu target since mwlwifi driver project is abandoned. 22.03-rc5 will be out in a couple days just try that.

I'm running at early build of 22.03 right now, kernel 5.10, etc. 200+ day uptime, it's rock solid and fast. If you have wifi issues change routers, or better yet just add a WiFi 6 ap (I use the $100 U6-Lite-US in a more central location for better signal throughout my house anyway). Wifi 6 has lower latency and battery battery for devices life thanks to OFDMA and TWT too. Wifi 5 is dead I don't even think about it anymore.

Development of these drivers stopped years ago, and current releases already incorporate the latest version available.

I think it's time to close this thread.


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