Pre-compiled updated mwlwifi drivers for stable releases


Ah? Because Kaloz has updated the git several times, and I don't have the knowledge to compile the files myself. : /


Those changes you mention are not relevant to this thread: they are either updates to the firmware for a device not supported by OpenWrt, or compatibility fixes that we do not need or are already included in my packages. I just decided not to pollute this thread with more announcements.


Ah, my bad. :smiley:



Eduperez, thanks for your work on these. In the upcoming 18.06.2, do you know which version of the drivers will be included? Also, will we have to flash the firmware separately or will that be done automatically? Thanks.


I am not involved in the development of OpenWrt, and I just have as much information as anybody else, so I could be wrong on this...

Current SNAPSHOT points to, which is quite old, so I would update the drivers after upgrading the system. However, the maintainers have been quite receptive in the past about upgrading these drivers; I think I will try to contact the maintainers, and propose and upgrade before the release.


Well... 19.X is around the corner which will branch off master...


Okay, I will keep an eye out for the driver version in either release. I assume that the firmware would need to be upgraded also with either 18.06.2 or 19.X?


Just out of curiosity: is it that important for users in this thread to have the latest version of the drivers on the stable releases?


I certainly appreciate your work and keep the drivers on my WRT1900ACS updated.


If there is no bug corrections or feature, nop.


For me personally, as long as updated drivers are merged to master and included in master snapshots, I don't need them precompiled for latest stable, as I typically just shift to snapshots.

That being said, I know many others who prefer tracking stable, and having to compile drivers themselves may be tricky if they don't know what they are doing.


Looks like I was wrong (don't tell me I did not warn you :wink: ) and current SNAPSHOT is updated to the latest version of the driver; this means that next STABLE release will contain updated drivers.


Great to hear that the latest version of the driver will be in the releases. To answer your question as a novice: I don't need the latest driver, just the most stable one. Stability (hopefully via bug fixes) is the main thing.

To ask my question again :slight_smile: would I need to update firmware separately for the wireless chip (88w8964) or will the latest stable install (when next released) automatically update the firmware?


The next latest stable (either 18.06.2 or 19.x) will most likely have the latest firmware, so if you updated to one of those when they release you will not have to do anything manually.


Excellent, thanks.


Sorry, I did not understand the question first time. Firmware and drives go hand-in-hand and are packaged at the same time. If the drivers are updated, the firmware will be updated, too.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.


A security vulnerability allowing for the remote compromise of devices using the Marvell Avastar series has been found. However, I'm still not sure if it is applicable to mwlwifi and thus the Linksys WRT AC series, as only mwifiex and the 88w8897 (not used in any WRT AC devices) was discussed in the article. There really shouldn't be alarm or panic as details are still obscured whilst patches are being developed, but I believe that one should still be wary and follow future discussions on this vulnerability to see if mwlwifi is affected too.