[PR] [WIP] ipq806x: request for kernel 5.10 + dsa

Hello, if someone wants to try... i think we reached a pretty decent support for dsa on this target...
If someone wants to give a try this is the required patches with 5.10 + all the dsa patches.
It does also contain some experimental patch for dsa multi cpu support.
Feel free to provide and report/feedback/complain and report any problem with random port dropping.


Do you think the multi-cpu support will be accepted by OpenWrt?
I know that upstream does not seem to be accepting it?

It depends on how it works... turris have a very similar patch on their repo
the multicpu patch ins this state would benefit for both mvebu and ipq8064 target and also mediatek in theory...

we need to check if it does cause some problem with packet handling...

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