PPTP instead of OpenVPN?

Hello everyone, is my first topic here . I use Openwrt for long time , now i'm back trying to get it work the PPTP client ..
I configured succesfuly the OpenVPN with PureVPN and the problem was very fluctuating ping like , 12ms - 160ms at any 5 seconds . Trying different servers same results. Moving on vyprvpn service , the config was almost the same as PureVPN , but on that service i cant log in in PSN , say the IP is banned. I try different servers on VYPRVPN and same result .
That why i try to use PPTP , but unsuccesful . The problem is , i cant find the MPPE option in PPTP interface .
I\m lost right now .
I use Chaos Calmer on my router , is very stable.. and memory are replaced with 16Mb , originaly was 4Mb.
I dont realy know where to start now

@wangine, welcome to the community!

Not supported.

This appears unofficial.

You may want to ask the person who created the firmware.

Yes , i raw copy the original flash memory firmware of my router years ago and i paste in the bigger one and after i flash with that firmware, to have space for more packages . Not that is the problem , i just mention that to give more details , the router work just fine .Is a old router

Don’t use pptp. It is not secure at all. So easily hacked as to be useless from a security standpoint. (See the security section of this Wikipedia article)

I know is not secure PPTP , but i use VPN only for gaming , that's all, security is not a problem . The problem is because i can't connect on playstation network under that openvpn , that why i try PPTP .
sry for my english

Why can't you connect via OpenVPN?

I dont know . As i says in first post i use before the PureVPN service , no any problem to connect on PSN network . The problem was a very unstable ping , jumping from 10 to 200ms at every 5-6 seconds . Impossible to play . I buy from different service vyprvpn and on this one , no way to connect on PSN . I try almost all servers , wont let me to connect . That why i post they config , maybe experimented guys around here figure out what is going on . And as i says , i try almost all servers , same result , so is no way all IP to be banned by sony , need to be something in config . That why i give up and try to configure PPTP

You would be better off with a higher performance device that can work with VPNs properly. And you can look at wireguard which is both fast and high performance.

Why don't you use wireguard instead of pptp or openvpn ,it's stable,fast and reliable :wink: also configuring it is easy
Use cloudflare wireguard config for gaming

I red about ,,, i will give a try . I try to figure out how to connect my PS3 PS4 to that service

I also use wireguard and Shadowsocks,Is there a tutorial for config this way?!!if there is,please share the link or website
Thank you so much

I posted how forward to traffic to a Wireguard interface above...but I'm lost at how Shadowsocks would be involved in someone's config (a proxy in a VPN???)...I don't know of such a tutorial.

I assume the proxy server would simply have to be reach-able thru the VPN (or bypassed to contact it), correct?

(meaning, there's no special config, the same information applies)

Thank you my friend :pray::+1:

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