PPTP Client Setup in openwrt 17.01 lede

Hello Guys,

I want to test PPTP client functionality in openwrt 17.01 LEDE image

PPTP Server is enable in Ubuntu 18.04 Platform.

For Client, I follow below link


For Server, I Follow below link.

My PPTP server is
My router IP is (default)

I have connected in LAN port.

However, I am not able to connect client to server and I saw below kernel logs.
[ 1401.623847] pptp-vpn: renamed from ppp0
[ 1433.075903] pptp-vpn: renamed from ppp0

Please help me out to solve this error.

Thank You

LEDE died a long time ago, upgrade.


It starts by using an outdated release, which has been EOL for almost half a decade and out of (security- and otherwise) support (which does contain several well-known/ unfixed security issues) - and doesn't stop at trying pptp instead of a decent VPN solution (wireguard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, ...). Due to its age it also lacks several modern encryption ciphers that might be required by the other end of the connection.

Upgrade to 22.03.x or 23.05.0-rc3 first, now - even if that might imply upgrading the hardware alongside, in case if very low-end hardware (but you wouldn't get very far with the VPN capabilities of such devices anyways).