PPTP client MTU value problem

do I have to install all kernel modules?

Run this: opkg install iptables-mod-ipopt

No working

traceroute google.com
 1?: [LOCALHOST]                      pmtu 1500
 1:  no reply
 2:  no reply
 3:  no reply
 4:  no reply

Is this from a host or from OpenWrt?

wireless client

Is it connected? The first hop should be the OpenWrt like here.

I do not understand. you better try it for yourself the guide on the current wiki. wifi no internet access

I am asking whether is the wireless client connected to the OpenWrt. Tracepath stopping at localhost is a sign that it's not connected.

connected to the OpenWrt

Tracepath not connected

Can you ping ?

Alright, install tcpdump in OpenWrt, if you don't have it already, and run this command: tcpdump -i any -vn icmp
Then run a ping from the phone to or
Then post here the output.

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No internet wifi

How come? You got replies from !
Try to ping google.com


where should I change the MTU

Logically, on the VPN interface, try 1400, 1350, 1300.

Thanks work my friend

Thanks my friend


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