Hi, I’m using PPPoE (WAN) and not getting my full D/U speed, my speed is 80/20, Im only getting 50/18 d/u, Any idea why?

Well, what sync does your modem report?

80 down 20 up , but get around 71 mbps on speed test and 18 upload

I can get the full speeds if I enable hardware NAT/Software NAT in the firewall settings but I want to use SQM and this will defeat the objective

71/18 or 50/18 sounds like quite good speed for 80/20, especially the 71/18.
50/18 sounds like a usual Saturday night when the whole country streams video or something.

What router model are you using?

I only get them speed if I enable NAT offloading, when it’s turned off I get 35 mbps, I’ve gone back to the edge router X where I get the full 71/18 with SQM 60 mobs.

BT Hub 5 A , Latest Openwrt version.

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Ah, okay, the issue might well be that the HH5A simply is not powerful enough for traffic shaping at 80/20...
I got the same router a few years back and came to the same conclusion and just used ist as bridged modem (still running OpenWrt), where it handled 50/10 and even 100/35 fine. I just took it out of storage a few days ago as bridged modem and can report it does handle 116/35 bidirectionally as bridged modem...
I believe for SQM at 80/20 you simply need a more powerful router...
You could use your edgerouter and simply use the HH5A as either bridged modem or even as AP to make up for the edgerouter's lack of WiFi...

Not maybe, but definitely. In my experience the bthub5a can just barely, on a good day, achieve ~83-84 MBit/s via PPPoE without SQM. Only software flow-offloading can get it just over ~100/40 MBit/s, SQM is totally out of the question at these speeds.

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That explains it then @moeller0 I use a WiFi mesh system (Deco M5) as my WiFi solution, My cabinet is Huawei and the chipset is on the BH5 is Lantiq so unfortunately I get lower speeds using it as a DSL modem, Is there anything else I can make use of it? It’s a real shame really as I like Cake SQM

Thanks for your help, Do you recommend a good openwrt Router what will do what I want it to do? I won’t get be using the WiFi just SQM / Adblock :blush:

For hardware recommendations, please open a new topic in #hardware-questions-and-recommendations


To keep it short and on-topic, PPPoE and SQM at 80/20 MBit/s isn't that much of a burden for modern devices - clearly too much for lantiq/vr9 and very borderline for ath79 though.