Pppoe via wireless?

is this possible using openwrt?

Please reformulate your question, because it can be interpreted in two different ways.

  1. The ISP offers wireless access but requires that you use PPPoE when talking to their access point. You want to configure OpenWRT as your router.

  2. The ISP offers normal wired connection with PPPoE, but allows multiple sessions. You want to initiate one of these sessions on one of your devices that connect to your OpenWRT router via WiFi (i.e. PPPoE passthrough).

I think that both setups are possible. I did both with non-OpenWRT devices in the past, but I have never done that with OpenWRT.

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#1 Wireless AP with pppoe authentication.

similar to this but on openwrt.


i cant find any guide to setup pppoe via wifi.