PPPOE tunnel ok but no internet from LAN - OpenWrt 21?

i have successfully created a new device using VLAN6 and the WAN port and also an interface using PPPOE and also the VLAN6 as device.
I see my external IP adress, the gateway and two DNS servers in the overview page.
However, i cannot ping the gateway from my LAN.
How to configure LAN access to internet in version 21.x?

In the previous OPENWRT version you could create an VLAN1 and mark all LAN1-4 as untagged and also set the ETH0 and WAN tagged on VLAN6.
And then all would work as the switch would thus be connected to the wan port.
In my current setup the VLAN6 ends in the WAN port but there is no connection to the switch port ETH0.
The br_lan is covering Lan1-4. Should i have included eth0 and wan as well? And then complete the vlan tab so it reflects the image below?

How do i go about this in version 21.x?
Below is an example of what it looked like in previous version 18.