PPPoE Router rebooting every 15-30 minutes?

Appreciate it. Will report back soon!

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Just crashed, and no log exists :frowning:

root@Basement:~# cat /sys/kernel/debug/crashlog > /tmp/last_crash_log ; cat /tmp/last_crash_log
cat: can't open '/sys/kernel/debug/crashlog': No such file or directory

Last syslog events i got were me turning wlan0 and wlan1 back up, and immediately followed by the bootup events later.


I just wanted to have some fast AP roaming lol - this has taken one hell of a turn.

Here are the configs in case anyone can point out the issue?

Only things i obfuscated were the wifi ssid/password, pppoe account, some firewall rules that work - just dont want those details on the net. I also may have broken some of the syntax during my obfuscation efforts so disregard those.

And if i simply found a bug, what may the bug reporting processes be?

Try disable flow-offload on main router.


most of crashes and nat issue are related to this option.

I noticed in my config that my basement router had explicitly selected some wifi channels. I've changed that to auto and turned 5Ghz back on and it hasn't rebooted all night!

I turned 2.4Ghz on this morning and the rebooting started again soon after...

I also noticed that with just 5Ghz on, my IPTV service started buffering, which was perfectly fine before.

Turned both radios off and it looks like IPTV is back to normal.

So to your point @leeandy - i Wonder if im just trying to do too much on this router. CPU and RAM seems ok, so its hard to point the finger.

But i turned that feature on because the Archer C7 has some hardware NATing capabilities that are not supported on OpenWRT, so it caps at ~300Mbps.

I think i should just invest in a dedicated router, and turn this C7 into just another dumb AP...

Sad, sorry to hear that. I guess I was lucky when I had crashing issues in the past...

I think you mixed two posts?

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aww i got excited that there were new posts here :frowning: lol!

Yes, pilot error, I thought I had deleted the draft, but it seems I did just scroll it out of sight....

Flashed this back to stock and still caught it rebooting. Thing's a lemon. Returning to store.
Thanks everyone for your assistance

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