PPPoE option keepalive

The documentation for PPPoE option keepalive does not seem to be consistent with implementation


# grep keepalive /etc/config/network
	option keepalive '100 20'
# uci show network.wan.keepalive
network.wan.keepalive='100 20'

Observed under Luci



The numbers must be separated by a space. First number is for “seconds between each ping” ( ppp 's lcp-echo-interval option). Second number is “we assume the connection is down after this number of pings failed” ( ppp 's lcp-echo-failure option).

on master LuCi seems to be doing the right thing, which can be determined by checking the pppd process. the wiki page seems to be wrong, the first number is definitely the failure threshold, and the second is the interval.

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If you are sure that your information is correct, feel free to update the wiki.