PPPoE functionality on WRT1900ACS

I've been using a Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 running the latest LEDE for routing and wifi without many hiccups, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be able to initiate a PPPoE connection to my ISP in the same way the manufacturer firmware does.

I use a TD-W9970 in bridge mode to provide the VDSL2 modem, and when running the manufacturer firmware on the WRT1900ACS I'm able to input my ISP credentials into its web interface, dial a PPPoE connection and reach the internet with the WRT1900ACS as my network edge for FW, NAT etc.

However when I switch the WRT1900ACS over to LEDE and input the same PPPoE credentials into Luci (again with the TD-W9970 in bridge mode), LEDE doesn't seem able to dial my ISP correctly. The interface is populated and started, but RX/TX remain at zero.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the external modem as a bridge only and have LEDE on the WRT1900ACS dial PPPoE and act as the edge. I'm an enthusiast but not an expert; could anyone advise where I may be going wrong? I've read I may need to specify a VLAN for the PPPoE interface, but I'm not sure how I'd capture the right setting for my ISP from the manufacturer firmware as the Linksys web interface isn't very informative.

Please, provide the following information:

  • Details about the configuration required by your ISP.
  • The contents of the "/etc/config/network" file from your device.
  • Logs from device when you bring the connection up.
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#subterfusilier, did you manage to find a way through your issue?

I'm suffering the same; stock WRT-1900ACS(V2) firmware will connect to ISP via PPPoE with credential. But switch over to OpenWRT and nothing, the same PPPoE protocol and credential. My understanding of OpenWRT is also limited.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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