PPPoE disconnects every few hours

It looks it's on the way:

Hm, indeed it looks ok for 4.14 (and 4.9, 4.4) so I've queued it up,
thank you.

Sasha (Levin, the second maintainer of the 4.14 kernel)

Now just wait for the next openwrt release...

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Good to see you were able to encourage some more interest in the backport!

[PATCH 4.14 06/46] pppoe: only process PADT targeted at local interfaces

patch landed in kernel 4.14 (probably 4.14.184).

(also in 4.4. and 4.9)


Just wanted to thank you @xerces8 for your overall work on this! Good job!

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Anyone having this issue with latest snapshots ?

It's unlikely you're experiencing this exact issue in the latest snapshots because it was patched.

I am experiencing a different issue with to PPPoE disconnects here. Another user seems to be experiencing something similar here. If you enable debug logging in /etc/ppp/options you can get more info about your disconnects.

I've been struggling with PPPoE disconnections too.
I'm running the last version of Openwrt in an Archer C60 V1 router. I have FTTH service with a TP-Link GPON provided.

It was disconnecting every few hours. The system log shows that Sent PADT and so on...

I've searched and read everything about in the forum.

My router and PPPoE are up now for 2d17h... I'm still observing, but the problem seems to be with SQM QoS.

I disabled all ipv6 services in the router and lan. PPPoE kept disconnecting every now and then.

Then I disabled all the SQM QoS services and connection is up for more than 2 days.

I'll wait 5 days, then I'll put ipv6 back and check how it goes.

Question, on which interface did you instantiate SQM, ethN(.N) or pppoe-wan?

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

SQM was set to pppoe-wan and I also put it to ETH1-WAN and in both situations the connection went down and the log showed that same Sent PADT.
I'm pretty sure is the Link Layer Adaption.

I paid more attention and the default configuration is Link Layer set no none. It was set as ATM.

I have SQM enable again. The pppoe didn't disconnect to apply changes. Let's keep observing.

Mmmh, with SQM on pppoe-wan it will not even see the LCP messages, making it hard (but apparently not impossible) to affect the PPPoE state machine. Are you 100% sure that the link never shows these disconnects without SQM or are they "just" considerably rarer without SQM?