[pppoe - dhcp] client lease times stored for WAN connectivity?

Suppose that the respective DHCPv4|6 clients utilised for WAN connectivity store their lease time somewhere in order to emit DHCP renewal request to the upstream server accordingly?

However, could not trace that information on the OpenWrt node - where would that information be stored/accessible?

Does the 'valid' time in ifstatus wanX work for you?
I haven't seen it anywhere else stored in /tmp

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This being a DS-LITE setup,

output for wan or wan_6_4 is void of valid but shows for wan_6 only. But I am not sure whether that is the lease time set by the upstream server or the downstream client's stipulation.

Then fix the title because it seems that DS-Lite is not the same as DHCP.
In DHCP this is the leasetime set by the server, as I recall when I was troubleshooting IPv6 with my provider.

I do not see the correlation between DHCP and DS-Lite, for latter

The CPE encapsulates IPv4 packets within IPv6 packets. The CPE uses its global IPv6 connection to deliver the packet to the ISP's carrier-grade NAT (CGN), which has a global IPv4 address. The original IPv4 packet is recovered and NAT is performed upon the IPv4 packet and is routed to the public IPv4 Internet.

The subscriber's CPE gets three IPs assigned by the ISP

  • wan - public IPv4
  • wan_6 - public IPv6 (/128 prefix)
  • wan_6_4 - private IPv4

And which one of the 3 is using dhcp?


Supposedly all three or else how would the CPE get those IPs assigned by the ISP, considering neither is statically assigned by settings in the CPE?

What is the uci export network ?

The relevant WAN portion

config interface 'wan'
        option proto 'pppoe'
        option layer '1'
        option username 'user name'
        option password 'password'
        option peerdns '0'
        option keepalive '6 10'
        option ifname 'eth2'
        option ipv6 'auto'

Oh I see, would appear that the PPP IP Control Protocol sets the IPs for the CPE with no lease time specified, least for

  • wan - public IPv4
  • wan_6_4 - private IPv4

whilst SLAAC on

  • wan_6 - public IPv6 (/128 prefix)

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