PowerPC Sophos RED 15w with WIFI_MT7922_patch_mcu_1_1_hdr.bin failed with error -2 PowerPC P1010RDB-PB


I recently got a now obsolete Sophos RED15w with a minipci slot, and thought, since it has 128 MB Nand 512 MB Ram and Gigabit combined with an P1010E CPU it should be fun to replace the old minipci card with a Mediatek MT7922 AX Card (and an adapter off course) to make use as a AX Accesspoint with Openwrt.

But, it ain't so easy as I expected.

First I tried 23.05 for this, selected the mt7921e driver and the firmware for the mt7922, build uploaded it and got an error like

mt7921e a000:01:00.0: Direct firmware load for mediatek/WIFI_MT7922_patch_mcu_1_1_hdr.bin failed with error -2
[   10.245053] mt7921e a000:01:00.0: Falling back to sysfs fallback for: mediatek/WIFI_MT7922_patch_mcu_1_1_hdr.bin

when the driver tries to upload the firmware.

I then found this site on the internet which pulls the latest firmware images directly, but that had no effect either


After that, I checked out the master branch of openwrt, compiled and flashed it again, but there is not much of a change.

The device is correctly shown on the pci bus, as well on the linux side as on the u-boot side as well:

01:00.0 - 14c3:0616 - Network controller

Here is the full dmesg output ot the boot via serial terminal)


Is this a problem with the CPU/platform or do I miss something totaly obvious here?

I found a couple of stories with the same wifi card combined with x86 openwrt systems and they didn't seem to have any issues at all. (As I know it from older MT cards as well)

Thanks for your time and your work! Really appreciated.



P.S.: I also posted this probably PowerPC platform related problem on the mt76 github page.