Powerline (Homeplug AV2) AP as a Router

I have a Zyxel Powerline Extender. It's a dual-band 32MB/128MB armv71 brcm947xx. The stock firmware is a heavily customized LuCI/Backfire, and works as an Access Point.
I would like to use it as a Router (i.e. with NAT and DHCP). Luckly the old firmware has telnet and ssh enabled. Is the mod possible? Would it be too complicated?

Main chips: BCM60350, BCM47189, B50212, MX25L25635FMI, W631GG6KB.

FWIW: This also has opkg and scp running. The following are the stock installed packages:

app-agent, avahi-autoipd, avahi-daemon, base-files, brcm947xx_plc, brcm947xx_plc_l2api, brcm947xx_tools, busybox, chksum-tool, ckCgHdr, clinkc-zy, cloudagent, curl, dnsmasq, dropbear, firmware-info, firmware-upgrade, hotplug2, kernel, kmod-button-hotplug, kmod-crc-ccitt, kmod-ipt-core, kmod-ledtrig-default-on, kmod-ledtrig-timer, kmod-scsi-core, l2command, libavahi, libc, libcurl, libdaemon, libexpat, libgcc, libgdbm, libiconv, libintl, libiwinfo, libjson, libltdl, liblua, liblzo, libmesode, libncurses, libopenssl, libpcap, libpthread, libreadline, librt, libsqlite3, libstdcpp, libstrophe, libuci, libuci-lua, libuuid, libxml2, lua, luci, luci-admin-core, luci-admin-easy, luci-admin-expert, luci-app-initmgr, luci-cbi, luci-core, luci-http, luci-i18n-chinese_traditional, luci-i18n-english, luci-i18n-french, luci-i18n-german, luci-i18n-italian, luci-i18n-spanish, luci-ipkg, luci-lmo, luci-nixio, luci-sgi-cgi, luci-sys, luci-theme-base, luci-theme-zyxel, luci-uci, luci-uvl, luci-web, mtd, mtd-utils, mtd-utils-mkfs.jffs2, nbnsd-master, netprobe, ntpclient, opkg, p0f, plc-utils, sqlite3-cli, swmp, tcpdump, uci, uhttpd, zlib, zlibMapping, ztr69, ztr69cmd, zy1905


dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00060000 00010000 "boot"
mtd1: 00010000 00010000 "header"
mtd2: 01d80000 00010000 "linux"
mtd3: 01b80000 00010000 "rootfs"
mtd4: 00100000 00010000 "rootfs_data"
mtd5: 00100000 00010000 "rom-d"
mtd6: 00010000 00010000 "nvram"

MemFree ~49MB