Powerline device TP-Link TL-WPA8630 KIT


I would like to buy a powerline adapter and install OpenWrt on it.

I found some devices on the homepage, but it seems that for devolo devices you need to compile your own image (which I don't want) and some other devices don't support 5 GHz Wifi.

The only possible device seems the TP-Link TL-WPA8630 (V1). But the device is normally sold in a kit, which consists of the TL-WPA8630 and the TL-PA8010P.

Is it possible to install OpenWrt also on the TL-PA8010P? Is the TL-WPA8630 working properly with OpenWrt?


Hi there,
I just did this myself today. I bought a used TL-WPA8630 kit V1 ( it has the TL-PA8010P and TL-WPA8630 ).

I updated the PLC firmware on both devices to the TPlink supplied 2.6.0 version, and then a hacked 2.7.0 version just for fun.

On the TL-WPA8630 v1 I installed OpenWRT without any problems. You first need to use a modified image to flash via the tplink web interface, and then after that you can upgrade to the latest 19 or truck OpenWRT image.

There isn't an OpenWRT image for the 8010 maybe because it's just a bridge so functionality is limited.

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