Powerful router for a region with power outages


I am presently using a WND3700v2 and it has run exceptionally well for the past few years. My place has quite a number of power outages and it hasnt affected it one bit.

At the moment i run openvpn client on my server behind the router. However, i would like to move that to the router. Can somebody recommend me a good router which fulfills the following criterion:

  • Load balancing 2x ADSL 24MBPS lines using mwan3.
  • Powerful enough for OpenVPN
  • USB port for 3g dongle (for failover)


If you're serious about high performance on OpenVPN, you want an x86-64 PC with AES-NI instruction: https://www.amazon.com/Firewall-Appliance-Gigabit-AES-NI-Barebone/dp/B072ZTCNLK run a regular Linux distro on it, like Debian or Arch or whatever.

To handle power outages, you want a UPS. I have a similar x86 based self-built router it uses something like 10 watts idle, and a regular desktop UPS handles something like a couple hours of power outage.

Then, use wireless APs to add wireless to your network.

If you have a slow internet connection (say less than 10 or 20 Mbit) then you can saturate it even on OpenVPN with a more consumer level router.

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I have WNDR3700v4 and I have OpenVPN server on it with 4 clients. I have installed mwan3 on it and packages to use 3g dongle. You can use this build it has included all these things except mwan3 if i am not mistaken Build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800
You can install mwan3 or buid your own version with it included. I think this router can handle what you want.

Personally I'd go for a PC running pfSense, its what I use here. I still have OpenVPN on my much beefier server though as its running 24/7 as a NAS anyway.

I only use LEDE for WiFi APs as WiFi alone tends to max out most consumer routers.