Powercode BMU or Lanner MB-8771

I have a Powercode BMU GX426. I dont see any information about it online so I wanted to share.
A label on the motherboard says MB-8771Z
This document looks to match the hardware.
Lanner MB-8771
Here is a photo of the motherboard in the case.

When watching the console output it says it is booting Openwrt.

Booting `OpenWrt'

procd: Console iive
procd: - watchdog -
procd: - preinit
block: extroot: no root or overlay mount defined
jffs2 is ready
jffs2 is ready
switching to overlay
mv: can't rename '/mnt/sysupgrade.tgz': No such file or directory
procd: - early -
procd: - watchdog -
procd: - ubus -
procd: - init -
Please press Enter to activate this console.
Powercode BMU

  1. Factory Default
  2. Reboot System
    Enter an option:

I wanted to do more with it so I found the VGA connector on the motherboard. it was a 2x6 pin connector that I didn't have. So I used some tiny testing wire clamps to connect to it.

Once I got VGA here is what I saw

The BIOS says Powercode NX216
The label on the bottom of the 1U case says GX426

Unfortunately the bios has a password on it so I can't change anything in there.
Does anyone know it or way to bypass or remove it?
I tried the CMOS reset jumpers documented in the linked manual and removing the CMOS battery.

The machine is pretty compatible.
A Xeon processor.
16GB DDR3 with more slots to go to 32GB
8x intel gigabit ethernet interfaces
The LCD supported by LCDProc (integrated nicely in pfsense with Driver 'watchguard firebox with SDEC')

I installed PFsense on a SSD and connected it to an available SATA port and it booted up.

I couldn't find a way to break into the stock openwrt based system.
I also couldn't find a way to read the cfast card containing the original openwrt-based operating to make an image of it for backup and analysis.

This is likely outside the scope of what can be done here, as it is not actually related to OpenWrt. This is much lower level and is probably specific to the American Megatrends BIOS.

Just install a fresh version of OpenWrt... no need to worry about the 'stock' system.

Insert the card into a computer running linux. Maybe even this same one. Then you should be able to see the filesystem.

You need proper guidebook for your motherboard to reset it. Then you can use that to program LOM module.
What the log of LOM openwrt says that it is stuck half-upgrade, you need to reclaim your BIOS access to do anything.