Power consumption comparisons

I recently got a new GPON 250/250 mbit connection and I think I need a new router (the old one is able to deliver only around 100 mbit in real speed over wifi). I figured out I need WiFi 802.11ax aka Wifi 6. I read this thread and I figure I am still below that (plus I do not plan o upgrade the connection any time soon).

I am also always trying to get a low power option, especially for something that is always down. But the information is surprisingly hard to find. I found this table: but there are many old entries. A new router that would support my speed seems to be ASUS RT-AX58U v2 (a review claiming low power use here in Polish) but that one does not seem to be supported by OpenWRT at all (it has another mod firmware but I would like to stick wit OpenWRT). So I guess I would need to choose from this list:

The thing is I do not know how to pick according to power consumption. I have not been using USB on my current router so I guess I do not need that, I would do with some ethernet ports (but those are only on when used, no?). In terms of CPU, the less the better? Size of flash and RAM does not really matter? I know the difference is around 10 € a wat a year, but that is still something over at least five or so years that I would use this and it is also a principle. This information specific to indiidual items is also surprisingly hard to find using google.

Here's a short table (we need more data!) and some discussion that may be useful to you in making your decision.

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some values for the WRX36 - Dynalink DL-WRX36 Askey RT5010W IPQ8072A technical discussion - #1171 by sqrwv

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