Post removed due to favouritism . _feedback

Ive encountered a rude post directed at me and I reply back saying you need to work on your manners. and my post is removed but his is allowed to stay up.

My feedback is sort your moderators out.

This post?

Moderator note:

These posts in question were flagged as off-topic and/or inappropriate. I agreed with the flag because they do not adhere to our comunity guidelines in terms of civil discourse and moving the discussion forward.

@Bigpizza - if you believe that other posts (especially those addressed to you) are inappropriate, please feel free to flag them for review.

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My reply was in responce to the person teling me "You need to work on your typing skills..."

I think his post was rude. So you remove mine that just says "You need to work on your manners"

If you felt the previous post was rude, you can flag it for review. Your response about working on manners doesn't move the conversation forward and could end up causing the conversation to become unvicil, which is why it was removed, that's all.