Post hidden by community flags

Why are we doing this?
This is what makes people NOT want to contribute, nor partcipate.

Was it really "the community", or one person decide(d)(s) this?

I really want to know.
Why all the continued snobbery I see by certain "mods" is tolerated, though my postive experience comments were not?
Right now, this is really bothering me for some reason.
Certain to be over it soon.
Though, posting this now, as I am in the mood.


Just change your title to "Let's argue here about what is the best beginner router in 2004" and leave the other thread on topic.

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Community flags are part of the forum software to help keep the forum running smoothly. The most common flags are for:

  • spam (i.e. real spammers, posts to be deleted)
  • off-topic (to be deleted from a given thread and/or split/merged into another thread)
  • inappropriate (inflammatory, obscene, etc.)
  • Or something else (followed by the user's explanation of the reason for flagging)

These flags help the moderators/admin keep everything organized, on-topic, and operating smoothly (hopefully free from vitriol and conflict to the greatest extent possible).

If you have had posts flagged and need further explanation, feel free to send a message to the moderators for clarification.

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I was not arguing, I stated from the start, this was my opinion.

Forget it...

Gotta let it go, or it will just get worse.

Was wanting to get it off my chest, to relase the mood.

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If the flagging didn't exist, the forum staff would have to read every post to ensure that things stay on-the-rails... that's not practical. Community help is necessary and useful -- without it, the forum would quickly be overrun by spam and vitriol.


I had 4 post hidden and only one was, admittedly, off-topic.

I do not understand any conflict anyway: everyone knows the Linksys WRT54G is the best router ever/today and simple enough for newbies. :smirk:

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I also had a post removed from that thread but it didnt bother me. I knew I hadn't followed the rules set out within the thread itself. I didn't see the post being removed as anything personal, I just saw it as forum management. The person who created the thread stated clearly that any posts not following the rules would be deleted.
Mine didnt follow the exact rules so it got deleted, no big deal, my fault.

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