Possibly a first: Miracast over "Infrastructure" support?

I've searched using the forum and google direct, have found no mention of Miracast. (Understandably, as it's usually a wifi-direct connection that ignores existing networks.)

However, there is a "[Miracast over Infrastructure] protocol. https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/windows-itpro-docs/blob/master/devices/surface-hub/miracast-over-infrastructure.md seems to be a good intro. (It's not MS Surface specific.) The use case is I'd like to be able to "cast" from a device (desktop) plugged in via ethernet to an OpenWRT router/device, to another device (especially an Xbox One), without having to install a wifi adapter.

Has anyone has any experience with or looked into this?


I tried to archieve "Display over network" some time ago too. I checked out documentation of how WiDi/Miracast/... compare and work.

My TVs all have the capability to receive a "Pushed" stream via LAN/UPNP/DLNA. I use a modified version of "dlnap.py" to send an URL to my TV. This URL points to a local stream-source (rtsp, http, what-ever-your-tv-can-play) which gets encoded from the screen i want to push to the TV/recipient-device.