Possible to use WAN port as "direct admin" port on Dumb AP?

My understanding is, as part of setting up a dumb AP, you turn off DHCP on LAN and make it a client instead. I am aware I can use a static IP, but I prefer DHCP

So right off the bat, connecting an ethernet cable to a dumb AP won't work.

Now, I can set the PC network iterface that I connect to the router to use a static IP but after doing that I cannot reach:
i. LUCI at
ii. ssh root@ throws "connect to host port 22: No route to host"

I guess this is correct as is that of the master router that this Dumb AP is connected to, but then, what is the IP of this Dumb AP if I disconnect it from the network and connect a PC to it directly other ethernet?

  1. Is there a way for me to use the WAN port and assign DHCP to the WAN port and use that for such situations? This would be a "direct admin" port on Dumb AP that I can always rely on if something goes wrong
  2. What if the WAN port gets damaged? Is the only way going to be a recovery procedure?
  3. Does this mean that it will always depend on a "main" router and I will have to connect to another router that does run a DHCP sserver and then connect the PC to that router and connect to this one via that router?

I use a mix of Archer C7v2 and A7v5, all running GoldenOrb_2023-07-26 (OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT)

in case of "swconfig" device, you could not avoid using VLANs to separate individual ports, but yes, it is doable
create a separate vlan
assign port to this vlan
assign interface to this vlan
assign IP & DHCP server to new interface


Ok, so

  1. I create VLANs on "switch0" by going to:



  1. and enable tagging on WAN (all other ports are "off") - which I guess now adds the WAN port to VLAN3?

  2. but now I'm lost at "assign interface to this vlan" - do I create a new interface from cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/network ?


ok, i tried short explanation because my intention was to push you to learn :slight_smile:

create new interface

in theory, you could avoid all this messing, and simply delete all firewall rule from existing WAN interface, assign IP to it and DHCP server

but my idea was to create one new, clean interface, leave WAN alone, and start from scratch

you need to understand that
WAN port is physical port
and WAN interface is logical thing in OpenWRT

if you want to reuse existing WAN interface, then delete all firewall rules, assign manually IP & DHCP and you will have standalone port
but if you want cleaner (logical) solution, where interface will have for ex: ADMIN name, then delete all reference to WAN interface and create new one

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