Possible to “throttle” number of requests/connections?

Possible to “throttle” number of requests/connections?

My wifi is wierd. If i open instagram that loads a lot of images at once, the wifi will still be connected but no data passes thru, ping will timeout… i have to do a wifi down and then wifi up to fix it.

I dont think sqm supports this? Thx

SQM would help, if you have bandwidth fights between multiple programs and/or multiple clients.

But your WiFi seems to break, as soon as a single program on a single client generates short peak loads.
I think you need to debug a technical issue here.

Which device and OpenWRT image version is it? Are there image customizations or complex OpenWRT custom configs?

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how can i debug, there is nothing logged when this happens

using ath10k

only ping will stop responding. and running wifi down and wifi up fixes it