Possible to run VPN app as network interface

Some VPN can't be installed on OpenWrt router. The one I am looking at is Malus VPN which only has app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android etc, not even on Linux. Is it possible to run a PC or Mac with Malus VPN app and expose its network to OpenWrt router, e.g. Ethernet port, as a WAN interface? The idea is certain traffic will go thru this Malus WAN and rest will go thru router's normal WAN?

really depends on the VPN client, but you could perhaps set up a proxy, or a bouncer on the host running the client, so it thinks the traffic comes from the host itself.

It could probably work under Windows Internet Connection Sharing or whatever the Mac equivalent is named. That of course is outside the scope of this forum.

Once you have access to a wired or wifi interface that routes through the VPN then you could readily use it as a second WAN on OpenWrt and do selective (policy based) routing.

Everything within several miles of a machine running Malus should be considered security compromised.

Thanks for reply!

Can you give some example of proxy or bouncer?

There are some virtual router on Windows, e.g. Connectify and some claims can share the VPN network over wifi hotspot on a Windows machine. Not sure if can work though.

That functionality is possible with what is built into the OS, but I'm not much of an expert on Windows or Mac and again that's not for here.

Found a solution. Use an old Windows laptop with Windows 10 (not sure if Windows7 can work). My wifi adapter doesn't support "Hosted Network Supported" so I used NoWIFI app which works out of the box. Now I have a wifi hotspot which have traffic all route thru Malus VPN. So at least other wifi client devices can connect to this wifi if needs Malus VPN.

Next will try config openwrt router's wifi as another WAN so all LAN devices can have Malus VPN based on destination IP addresses.

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