Possible to limit Station channel width?


TLDR; An Openwrt Station timeouts to connect to an AP set to 160MHz, but works when AP set to 80MHz. Is it possible to limit the Station to 80MHz?

It is a AC router with MT7613be chip (MT7615 driver from mt76), the AP is some kind of Broadcom AX stuff. This AP I'd like to keep on 160MHz, because there should be some option to limit a client channel width somehow, or not?
I tried to set 80MHz from config/Luci, but I have the feeling, these settings are valid only for APs. At least, it doesn't matter what I set for the Station, it wants to connect on 160MHz.

Any ideas?

To be clear...which device did you set at 80 MHz as work around?

  • the OpenWrt
  • the AP; or
  • both

Also, what channel is the AP set to?

Thanx for your reply

AP 160 and STA 160 : timeout connect to AP
AP 160 and STA 80 : timeout connect to AP
AP 80 and STA 160 : good
AP 80 and STA 80 : good

Channels I tried 100 and 120 and tried also most of the lower bands.

It is still not clear to me whether the MT7613 is all ok with 160MHz or not, since I read different opinions as I remember.
There comes my question, if it is possible to force the MT7613 to 80, or remove the 160 capability somehow (I could do this from the driver, but maybe there is some kind of common way), so I could leave the AP on 160MHz, because I have more intel-AX200 adapters, which are all flying happily on AX-160MHz.