Possible to install someone packages from the snapshot with opkg?


I use the official image, but I want to install some packages from the snapshot because I need some features that are only available in the newer version. I wonder if it's possible?

My first reaction is to update distfeeds.conf so packages are pointed to the snapshot, but that seems to force me to use all packages from the snapshot.

Is there something similar to Debian's repo priority in OpenWrt?

And the different branches may also have different C library versions etc., so the installed package might fail in any case.

But you might manually download the package .ipk file, opkg install it and try. The worst you can do is to brick your router.

Thanks for the quick reply.

So I guess the correct solution is to compile the packages myself using the corresponding SDK, then install the ipkg files with opkg?

Yep, compiling packages with the tools/SDK of your current release is the current approach.

Ps. But right now the 22.03 and master do have the same musl C libc version 1.2.3, so using mixed binaries might be possible.

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