Possible to have a stand alone ADBLOCK router?

I have a router with 32/128 and I have been told that is not strong enough for Adblock. Is there an online configuration guide of how to set up a second router as the DNS address for exclusively adblock? I know i could switch to pihole but I am outside the US now and there are no pies for sale in the local market or I can't wait for 3 months to arrive via snail mail. Thanks!

P.S. Those recommending an equivalent public adblock DNS server, this works OK during off hours but during high Internet usage here it kills all your performance. Still it's only about 75% effective where Adbloc is 95%.

P.P.S. Anyone tracking my other posts, the original pi Adblock question I had is for a friend's Pi. This router is at a residence using fiber and a separate request.

pihole is available for x86 hardware as well (Intel/AMD PCs), just as OpenWrt.
If it runs Debian or Ubuntu or can run docker containers you can install pihole

Since you have fiber, the current router might be too weak to do the routing as well. What is the device and what is the speed on the internet contract?.

While what you ask is possible it can be simpler/better to just replace the router device with the new more powerful one (a mini PC for example) without wifi, and reconfigure your current router to work as a wifi access point to generate a wifi network. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap

The instructions to do what you ask are the same as for pihole, because you are doing the same thing. You set up a device to have a static IP and internet access through the existing router, and then configure it as DNS server for the router.

Configure the adblock device as a client device with https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/openwrt_as_clientdevice
so it is able to access the internet through the router on the LAN network

then set its IP address in the "custom DNS field" in the main router. This is what will redirect all DNS requests to your adblock device or pihole or whatever.

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It's a 680Mhz router with 32/128 on a 40/5Mb fiber.

yeah it's a weak CPU, but 40/5Mbit routing is easy even for that.

I was expecting more like 300+ Mbit when you said fiber. 40/5 is more or less DSL speeds.

You could create a Virtual Machine running Ubuntu as a guest pihole requires little resources just 1 processor and less than a gig of ram + 4 or more gigs of drive space

register for oracle cloud infrastructure FREE tier to the closest region to you and you can have 2 x64 VMs (1gb ram each) and up to 4 arm64 VMs (4vCPUs and 24 GB of ram ! ) and you can create your pihole there https://www.oracle.com/cloud/free/ (tranks to @frollic for recommending it here Decent wireguard providers or VPS suggestions - #7 by frollic )
I also use sucesfully https://my.nextdns.io/ on my parent's home and they are within the 300k adblocked served requests - you can also customize your adblock lists like you do on openwrt - just check it out

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