Possible to disable ath10k/11k and use ath9k only?

Is it possible to force all the data packets to be tranmistted by ath9k instead of ath10k/11k? Are there any relevant configurations for this or I can do it by modifying codes somewhere or removing ath10k/11k driver modulations while compiling.

You should be able to simply not include the ath1x ?

In the makefile? And will it make the device to brick?

you can always try the image builder 1st, it'll save you some time.
not including all wifi drivers shouldn't brick the device.

ath5k, ath9k, ath10k, ath11k and ath12k each are for different hardware (chipset-) generations, you can't replace one for the other. Only ath11k will work on 802.11ax hardware, only ath10k will work on 802.11ac hardware, ath9k will only work on 802.11n hardware and ath5k will only work on 802.11bg hardware.

Not including the required drivers/ firmware for your >>802.11n radios is obviously possible, but that means your radio won't work and play dead.

Yes, there are some devices which come with both radios -especially 802.11n/ ath9k for the 802.11n 2.4 GHz radio-, but that still implies that there's only one driver for the job, either ath9k XOR ath10k XOR ath11k.