Possible to (compile and) install a C program?

Hi, I have a raspberry pi setup with open wrt as a lan <-> wlan bridge.

It would be great to be able to use a C program that reads a usb air quality sensor: https://github.com/tuxedo0801/usb-sensors-linux

Is there any way I could get this program to work on the pi running openwrt? Like compiling on another pi...?


That "old" sensor using USB for data com, not good.

Try to find some new sensors, the data com using UART, than any cheap cheap router could get the data easily.

You can use the SDK (mostly manually) or create a simple (local) packaging for that tool and build it with the buildroot (used to compile OpenWrr as a whole and hook in your packaging). While the later might sound more 8ntimidating at first, it's actually easier to work with and maintain long term - just look for the packaging of similar tools in the source and adapt as needed.