Possible to build only the image and nothing else?

I current just run make in the build system, which seems to also do a lot of extra stuff, like packaging, creating package index, etc.

I wonder if there exists a build target that only build images and doesn't spend time doing something else?

I want to build from the source, so I guess image builder won't work for me.

Thanks in advance.

The way the buildroot works, you need the packages to include/install them onto the root FS that will be part of your final firmware image. So what you're asking would involve a complete overhaul of the present framework and is not possible (unless you spend hours reworking it, and to what avail?).


The final firmware images are assembled from the previously generated packages, using the local package (repo-)index. Therefore you can't have one without the other. While the generation costs of these is non-zero, it still dwindles against the compilation times of the binaries.


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