Possible to add bond interface to LAN bridge?

I'd like to bond two of my router's network ports, but when giving it an intial shot through LuCI, it demands I fill in an IP for the interface. Checking the UCI entries, it looks like it is indeed created as an interface. I'd like to make the bond interface part of the LAN still. Is this possible? If so, how?

UCI entries LuCI shows:

uci set network.bond0=interface
uci set network.bond0.proto='bonding'
uci set network.bond0.force_link='1'
uci set network.bond0.netmask=''
uci add_list network.bond0.slaves='p3'
uci add_list network.bond0.slaves='p4'
uci set network.bond0.bonding_policy='balance-rr'
uci set network.bond0.packets_per_slave='1'
uci set network.bond0.all_slaves_active='0'
uci set network.bond0.link_monitoring='off'
uci set network.bond0.ipaddr=''

Noone any ideas? :cry:

It looks like you may find some useful information here. I hope this helps! Thank you.

Didi you found way to create Bonding interface with out IP address? I can create it using Luci, but need ti set any IP to it and only after that can add it to bridge. I don't found way, how to make bonding without IP.

No, I ended up reverting to stock firmware on that switch.

I know it's not beautiful but you can write a small script which creates the bond and call that script from the hook script after your bridge interface is up...

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@_bernd yes, i know that, but i try to found more common way. At that moment i'm add IP from unused network to bond0 and that fix all other issues.

I have to admit this is somehow clever :joy:
However, I think this is a bug and should be patched...