Possible PPP removal from base image

I don't know the exact status of worldwide ISP connectivity but Australia is a fair way along with a national broadband update that (mostly) removes the need for PPP connectivity.
Q. Is PPP requirement reducing worldwide to the extent that it should be dropped as a standard option and only be included as an package?
If it's still used then I can see the problem with not having it available for an initial installation.
(Yes, I know how to remove it using image builder, just messy to add the required packages to luci to stop auto inclusion)

PPP is not exclusive to dial-up connectivity, e.g. (x)DSL, but also still deployed as authentication method for fibre broadband by various ISP in places other than down under.


Fair enough. Still needed then.

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If PPPoE needs PPP (not sure how are they packaged), then it is being used broadly.

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Good point. If the OP meant the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) daemon then it probably does not need ship in base. For the kernel module however

opkg info kmod-pppoe

Depends: kernel, kmod-ppp, kmod-pppox

/usr/sbin/pppd is required for PPPoE and is widely used for ADSL/ VDSL connections.


It's also used for (some) FTTH connections.

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