Possible Documentation error for Meraki MR18

Possible Documentation error for Meraki MR18
OpenWRT is very fine and installed it on two devices using actual documentation. One device with flashing method A and one device with flashing method C. The documention that i mean is on side: https://openwrt.org/toh/meraki/mr18
The documentation is good but could be a little bit better.

  1. Topic: Supported Versions. Forum Topic: Broken Link
  2. Topic Installation. Firmware OpenWrtUpgrade: The link is to the sysupgrade file not the ...initramfs-kernel.bin file for first flashing
  3. Topic Flashing Methode C. After Point 5. It could be a helpfull note (for windows fools like me) to test the own HTTP Server with the File in the right plase by opening the side (IP only for example)
  4. Topic Flashing Methode C. Point 6. I think the correkt file is openwrt... and not lede...
  5. Topic Flashing Methode C. Point 7. I do it with network unplugged and t works, perhaps it dosent matter (I dont know)

There was no point real critical and without your description i never could flash my devices.

removed the broken link.

this looks correct. the column table is for sysupgrade, not for "first install". the "first install" column is empty.

ad 3: I would call this "good practice", not necessary to mention this every time.

in the archive you downloaded in point 5 from servernetworktech(dot)com, the initramfs image is named lede... so this looks consistent.

ad 5: Point 7 does not mention about network unplugging.

... it may be consistent, but in my opinion it's false. Cause Link
https://servernetworktech.com/uploads/files/MR18-LEDE.tar.gz give 3 File's and one bin named
lede-ar71xx-nand-mr18-initramfs-kernel.bin (7MB). The correkt file is named
openwrt-ar71xx-nand-mr18-initramfs-kernel (6MB). So it's consistent but not up to date.

Where can I find this file on downloads.openwrt.org?

... you cant find it on downloads.... You find it following the link in methode A Point 6 on Github https://github.com/riptidewave93/Openwrt-MR18/releases.
Unfortunately both Lede & openwrt .bin files are not on downloads.. I don't know the reason.