Possible bottleneck on a Netgear EX3700 Extender

Dear All,

I have an NetGear EX3700, which holds 2 wifi frequencies (2,4 and 5), for best results I have made the 5ghz frequency client of the network, reaching excellent 85 to 90mbits,when I connect the router to my laptop via lan (I have made a relay bridge between 5ghz and Lan).

However I have configured the other frequency 2,4ghz as an access point to spread the signal, and when I'm using wifi next to the router I mean the laptop neck to neck to my router I only reach maximum 12 mbits) and connecting via Lan I have 85 to 90, can anyone tell where is the bottleneck here?

Really can't understand why it performs only one tenth of what is should be.


Already managed to try this configuration on stock firmware and get 40 to 50 mbits on this router, the issue must be on OpenWrt, the drivers for the MediaTek MT7620A chipset have an issue, it underperforms very poorly on 18.06.1, but on the other hand the MediaTek MT7612E runs quite fast and as it meant to be.

Hopefully developers address this issue on future updates.