Possibility to use the site without JavaScript

I'm currently using brave on most of my devices and if I check the option "disable scripts" I can't use the forum.
Would it be possible to have a non-JS version?

Nope, unfortunately there is no non-JS version of the forum. You could consider using the mail gateway.

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This came up in IRC chat yesterday so here are some updates / the current situation , feel free to correct and post tips

some people decide to deactivate Javascript (JS) for security reasons - either using a browser without JS support or in Firefox use about:config and deactivate it there or via addons.

(current) facts:

  • The forum software is "Discourse"
  • Discourse supports a non-JS html "crawler" / static view and a "normal" JS "default" view
  • The User Agent (UA) decides how the forum is shown

Because of that some configurations show empty pages / seems like forum isnt working because Discourse expects JS support like dynamic loading of posts which will not work.


  • Addons that change UA
  • Browser without JS support
  • add /print at the end of a URL

archiving a thread yourself / wayback machine should work

reference: meta.discourse.org : save a topic for offline ; meta.discourse.org: discourse and wayback machine

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