Possibility to add luci-app-mosquitto to package repository


Is it possible to add official repository luci-app-mosquito ?


Feel free to write a pull request about it and to be the maintainer for that app.



Wrong place and wrong contents...
Not the LEDE main source but LuCI feed repo.

And you should not try pulling all the stuff from that third-party repo, but just one commit creating the app and signed-off by you.


I did not catch you sorry, could you write such request to guys for adding ?


"Pull request" in Github means that you offer code ready for merging in into the repo. It is not just a collection of random commits and a request to please add something else from somewhere.

In general, new apps can get pulled in if somebody (usually the author) promises to be the maintainer of the package in future, so that the app gets updated. And he also "signs off" all the commits related to the app.

So I suggested in my first message that if you want that app to be included, please volunteer to be the maintainer, prepare the code for committing into the main LuCI repo, and then send the PR into the LuCI repo.

Somebody needs to do that for getting the app in. So far nobody has done that...

(or you can try convincing the apparent author, karlp, to get his app into the official LuCI repo.)