Porting guide ar71xx to ath79?


There is no way to know who is working on what till some patch is presented in one of the two places.

And it is not a very long "work".



So I can pick any device from ar71xx which don't have a PR o patch yet and "translate" it to ath79?



I see no reason why you can't do it. I ported two devices this way.

Even if there is some PR already and you know how to do it a better way, you still can suggest your own patch.


If so, I would suggest TP-link Archer C7 V4 (I own two pieces) :wink: I could test it. Unfortunately currently the latest ar71xx with 4.14 kernel is broken (does not build, nor boot when worked-around), so I am not sure about ath79 status...


Hi, everyone. I've been noticed the ath79 porting for a long time. I've a Netgear wndr3700v4 (with nand 128Mb flash, same board with wndr4300v1) and I notice that there is no DTS file for this device. Is it because the nand driver haven't been ported to ath79?


Just a short info - ar71xx/generic target with 4.14 kernel looks good now - master branch (nightly snapshots) builds (according to phase1 build bot) and runs (at least on my Archer C7 V4) fine.


so theres a ar71 now? is the snapshot 4.14?


I spotted that the git master branch had change in kernel version towards 4.14 on ar71xx target. I do not know the "official" status of this change, but it works for me :slight_smile:


This forum thread is not for kernel migration. Or is it?


I thought this thread is about migrating ar71xx to ath79 target. And because I said that ar71xx is broken, I am now saying that it is not broken anymore. So there simply exists a working reference build on ar71xx when trying anything on ath79.


I thought about this:


Originally it actually was a question about that...

Question was valid as originally devs thought to leave ar71xx to 4.9 and have ath79 as the forward going modern kernels. So this thread converted into a ath79 guide.

But as ath79 conversion takes so long, devs have now upgraded the old ar71xx to 4.14 for the possible 19.01 release.


But as ath79 conversion takes so long, devs have now upgraded the old ar71xx to 4.14 for the possible 19.01 release

ar71xx all migrated to 4.14. I just see no point keeping this going. Just my 2 cents


Ath79 is still going to replace ar71xx as the latter is not easy to work with apparently. This is probably the last time ar71xx is receiving a major kernel update.

IIRC the ar71xx target is going to be permanently replaced by ath79 after OpenWrt 19.01.


That's a bit myopic. All targets are being moved to device tree and ar71xx is one of those (probably the biggest one) that still needs to be migrated. That's what this thread is about at this point.

The only reason ar71xx has been migrated to 4.14 is so all active targets can share the same kernel which lessens the maintenance burden. If ath79 had been ready for 19.01, ar71xx would be dead in the water.


You are right. But the title of the thread is now obsolete


True enough. Somebody should change it. @hnyman? You're one of the regulars, could you edit the title and turn this officially into the ath79 porting thread? :smiley:


Does the kernel upgrade for ar71xx mean offloading become officially possible?


Yes, it does.


When we might expect any build with kernel 4.14*+ supporting offloading for WDR4300?
Thank you!