Porting for TL-WVR450G v2


I am working on porting OpenWrt to TL-WVR450G v2, which has an AR7370 (ar9344 without integrated wireless components), AR9381, AR8327N, and 16MiB NOR SPI flash.

Previously, I have succeeded in running an OpenWrt installation for TL-WDR4300 with modified device tree atop the U-BOOT of TL-WDR4300, but a formal OpenWrt port might have to run atop OEM bootloader, so I proceed.

The OEM bootloader is a u-boot with a far more reduced command set. Even bootm is not available.
It boots by go 0x9f040000, which seems to mean that it requires executable code locating at 0x40000 of the flash.

In this case, how should I package the Linux kernel for this device?

I think that this is what lzma-loader has been designed for - it can read an LZMA-compressed kernel from flash, load it to RAM and boot it.

It's in target/linux/ath79/image/lzma-loader, I'm sure you can find examples on the usage by looking at other devices with lzma-loader.