Porting D-Link DIR-869 rev. A1 to ath79

I would like to ask to adding D-Link DIR-869 rev. A1 to ath79.

That depends on someone with the device on their desk to do the porting, at this point this someone would probably be you…

Existing support for ar71xx makes this slightly easier, but there is no mechanical translation between ar71xx mach files to DTS based ath79 possible, to a large extent this needs the same procedures as porting a new device (with the invaluable advantage of having some concise reference information).

There was a pull request a few months ago, that was abandoned by the author:

Feel free to continue on the remarks made there, e.g. merging the dtsi with dir-859 and changing the switch reset pin declaration etc.

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I can be a beta tester but I would need a ready firmware or an imagbuilder ath79 to generate the firmware for D-Link DIR-869

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I had built images based on that PR back in August, these were based on master and don't contain most of the fixes suggested (though these were minor, e.g. increase SPI speed from 30 to 50 MHz, correctly declare switch gpio pin etc...), so the image is of course still working :slight_smile:
Someone would just need to make a new pull request, and combine the .dts with DIR-859. I might do it myself one day, however regarding that device, I'm still waiting for my ancient PR for factory image encryption to be merged (if this ever occurs at all), so it wouldn't need to be rebased again...


Firmware works but when I change network.lan.ipaddr='' then start blinking and don't work. For the testing your firmware is ok.

Recovery method work https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/installation/recovery_methods/d-link_recovery_gui

hi, i would also try help with dlink dir-869.

With the phrase "combine .dts with DIR-859" did you mean something like this?

Hi, Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Exactly, the .dtsi should contain all the common things shared by the devices.

Meanwhile, a few more things have changed in OpenWrt master, e.g. the led labels are named only "color:function" now, without the model name prefix.

Regarding these devices, I think spi-max-frequency could be increased to 50000000, also gpio-export for the switch reset pin can most probably be replaced with a reset pin definition for the driver, within the phy node, e.g. as I changed it for DIR-842 back then:

The rest should be just like in the PR from AvdWerfhorst that was mentioned earlier (it worked well on my device when I tested back then).

There seems to be no image encryption for DIR-869, so the factory images should be flashable even from the regular web interface, not just recovery :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice, I modified everything as you said and created a new PR https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/3997

Hi podtor,
If your offer to testing images for Ath79 DIR-869 is still current, may I ask you to test this image?, which is builded from master + new DIR-869 PR



Hi Honza

I sold the D-Link DIR-869 a month ago.

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After flashing firmware, almost everything seems working well, except LED. After boot start blinking with pink color (both color together)



config led 'led_led_power_orange'
        option name 'WAN'
        option sysfs 'orange:power'
        option trigger 'switch0'
        option port_mask '0x20'

config led 'led_led_power_white'
        option name 'WAN'
        option sysfs 'white:power'
        option trigger 'switch0'
        option port_mask '0x20'

Hi all, what's the status of DIR-869 and ath79? I've got the device running 19.07 and can do some additional work if there's something left to do still...

@honza96 I see you've created a PR for adding support to this one. Do you have a ready built image of the latest state or should I build my own? Thanks for your work on this!