Portfowarding Web Gui

How do i portforward these ports the correct way on openwrt web gui

Source  3074-3076 destination  30000-45000 udp  rule 1

Source 30000-45000  destination 3074-3076 udp   rule 2

That port forward scheme doesn't seem right. First, your source in rule 1 is just 2 ports, but the destination in rule 1 is 15,000 ports (and then vice versa for rule 2)... they must be the same number of ports for both the source and desitnation.

It seems more likely that the source and destination ports should be the same, like this:

Source 3074-3076 destination 3074-3076 udp   rule 1
Source 30000-45000 destination 30000-45000 udp    rule 2

Secondly, usually it is a question of the external ports and then the internal ports -- those are usually the same, as I just showed.

If this is not what you meant, please provide more context and ideally the documentation from whatever service(s) you are trying to manage with the port forward.


Openwrt ( and any linux for that sake ) supports stateful firewall and you need tovdefine just one forward/allow direction.

manual filter would be

udp sport . udp dport { 3074-3076 . 30000-45000 , 30000-45000 . 3074-3076 } counter log pass
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