Portforwarding problem with Synology NAS


I am trying to setup my Router to get external access to my synology for hours now but I canÄt find the problem.

This is my route:

Modem -> Router (TP-Link TP-WDR4300) -> Synology DS216play

Current IP = 80.110.xx.xx

Synology NAS (TCP port 5000/5001)

When entering in my browser at home-network I am able to access my NAS without any problems but I also want to access it from outside. I would need a DDNS Service for that but I am not even able to access my router / NAS from another device.

I did the following port-forwards:

The router got a fresh openwrt install, nothing erlse was changed so far.

For my understanding, it must be possible to connect to the NAS from anywhere now via mit current IP 80.110.xx.xx:5000 or 80.110.xx.xx:5001.

But there is no way I can connect to it. What am I doing wrong here?

Is the modem in bridging mode?
If not have you created a port forward there too?
If yes, does your ISP block incoming connections?

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Hello. Yes my modem is in bridge-mode.

I opened ports for my NAS at 5000 and 5001 but it wont redirect me.
I can ping my IP address and it seems to work but I am not able to connect to it.

Where is the problem here? I tried it now for hours again and I can not find the problem.

Ping and open ports are different things. Install tcpdump on the OpenWrt and run this command to verify that you indeed pass the packets properly to the NAS.
tcpdump -i any -vn tcp port 5000 or tcp port 5001

check your nas is not filtering for local only... and verify a single high port forward works with something basic ( apache / netcat on 6000 etc. ).

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