Port of TL-WR1043N v5 to ath79?

I'm running a TL-WR1043N v5 as router on a 500 MBit/s line. The router is able to route ~200 mbit/s since the ar71xx platform does not support hardware nat. I have seen that most of the TL-WR1043N* devices are ported to the new ath79 target. Is there a chance that this devices gets ported too?

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It wont magically do 500mbit however....

I'm pretty sure it can. I did some tests before I set it up as router. When no other processes consumed CPU-power, it handled up to 450 MBit with LEDE and almost 1 GBit with the original TP-Link firmware.
Currently there are processes consuming CPU (WebUI+Link Monitoring+SSH+VPN consumes 20-50% CPU), so I have only ~200 MBit throughput, then the CPU becomes the bottleneck. With network offloading it should be possible to route 500 MBit while all the stuff running on the CPU.

You can install a master snapshot. It has the 4.14 kernel with flow offloading capabilities and check if the speed is OK.

I suspect the v4 ath79 may work on v5.

ath79 doesn't support hardware NAT either.

@Pilot6 Thank you for clarification. I assumed with 4.14 kernel (as in the new ath79 target) I always have hardware NAT. Is there a way to figure out on which devices HW nat is supported?

I'll try to obtain another TL-WR1043N v5 device, so that I can do some testing (unfortunately it seems to be discontinued or out of stock :-/ )

Software flow offloading is sufficient in most cases. It is supported on 4.14.
Hardware NAT is supported on Mediatek SoCs.

Your device should be close to 500MB/s with 4.14.

I see. So I just need to switch to snapshot (or wait for 19.01) and stay with ar71xx?

For now ar71xx is OK. I see no problem to port v5 to ath79, because the only difference from v4 that I see is absence of USB port.

I get another of this devices, so I could do some tests (using iperf on an 1GBit LAN).
My setup: Server <-> LAN <-> WR1043N (doing NAT) <-> My PC

The device is fresh flashed, so almost no other stuff is consuming CPU.

Stable build with 4.9 Kernel: 460-480 MBit/s with 100% CPU Load

Snapshot build with 4.14.105 Kernel: 460-480 MBit/s with 100% CPU Load

Looks to me that there's absolutely no difference :frowning:

Is there anything I need to do to enable Software flow offloading?

Edit: Found the option to enable flow offloading :wink:

Snapshot build with 4.14.105 Kernel and flow offloading: ~900 MBit/s with 100% CPU Load (95% ksoftirqd, 4% kworker)

Edit2: Did the same test with "hardware offloading" enabled - same results. So it's obviously not implemented...