Port-mirroring with OpenWrt - No timestamps in packet

Hello there,

I am using port-mirroring(https://github.com/mmaraya/port-mirroring) to mirror the trafic from a rasp pi model B with openwrt to a computer using TZSP protocol. Everything works fine, except when I try to extract from the mirrrored packet to time stamp, it comes Timestamp: 0001-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC. Someone know how to fix it?

I have already check the system date with the date command in the CLI, its correct. To get the mirrored packets, i'm using a udp socket, parse it with https://github.com/rs/tzsp and turn this into a gopacket.packet.

Contact the developers of the software you're using:

...or, I'd suggest you simply use the port mirroring feature of OpenWrt, or for devices without a built in switch, something like tcpdump.