Port Mirroring on WRT3200ACM w/ 21.02.01

All -
I have managed to implement the port mirroring as per the DSA mini tutorial -

However, I am experiencing some strange behaviour.
The router starts dropping connections after the changes are implemented.
It appears to be traffic saturated but I see no other signs of this.
Any suggestions?
The network config is below...

config device

  • option name 'br-lan'*
  • option type 'bridge'*
  • list ports 'lan1'*
  • list ports 'lan2'*
  • list ports 'lan3'*
  • list ports 'lan4'*

config interface 'lan'

  • option device 'br-lan'*
  • option proto 'static'*
  • option netmask ''*
  • option ip6assign '60'*
  • option ipaddr ''*

probably its help you

Let me have a look and I will try again...